It’s a “Tardigrade-Party” at ASTA

Have You Ever Hunted Water Bears with Your Students?

Tardigrades (“water bears”) are amazing microscopic creatures! They can survive extreme conditions and be found virtually everywhere. Yet, to find them, all you need is moss or lichen, a little purified water, and a microscope!

My colleague and I recently presented at the Alabama Science Teachers Association state conference. Our topic? BEAR TRAP! We talked to other science teachers about how easy it is to find water bears with their students. We used sketch notes and even demonstrated a fun activity using speed dating to help students learn about tardigrades! Check out her new blog HERE

Check out our presentation above if you’d like to learn more about finding tardigrades with your class!


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Science Teacher (Biology, AP Biology, and Forensic Science), Anatomy Professor, and former Instructional coach.
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