Come Along to #NSTA23 with Me

Everyone needs a teacher BFF to do ALL the nerdy science things with! #23Years

National Science Teaching Conference in Atlanta #NSTA2023

Ooooh I’ve been so excited! It’s NSTA time! I haven’t been able to attend the National Science Teaching Conference since 2018 😦 I’m so glad to be back (even though I decided not to present this year. I wanted all of my readers to get to attend (no matter where you are), so I decided I’d take you all with me 🙂

This time, since I was chosen for a STEM fellowship through Stepping Up with STEM, I was able to attend the conference completely free! … And, I had the opportunity to take a class today before the conference opened. I chose the class on engaging students through inquiry and engaging in arguments through evidence. It was fantastic and I came away with several ideas I can’t wait to try in my classroom.

The vendors were setting up today so they wouldn’t let us in but you’d better believe that I’ll be there tomorrow at 11 when they open the doors to the vendor area. Here are some random pics so you can see what it’s like the day before everyone arrives. 🙂

I’ll update again tomorrow. I’ve got a lot of cool sessions saved in my scheduling app. I really can’t wait to see what I learn. I don’t think I”ll ever outgrow being a “science nerd”.

Click HERE or the link above to follow along at #NSTA2023 with my nerdy BFF Waterbear Kar!

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