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Anatomy Practicals- Stackables that Teach: A Life-Sized Human Body Project- The Muscular System!

3D Learning in Anatomy… I’m HOOKED! This year, I’ve been experimenting with providing my Anatomy classes opportunities to learn the human body in different ways, rather than the traditional “I can label a flat diagram with all the correct parts” … Continue reading

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What is My Process for Drawing Sketch Notes for My Students? Here’s A Step-By-Step Guide!

You’ve Used Prepared Sketch Notes & Doodle Notes But You’d Like to Create Your Own…. But How? I’ve been creating Sketch Notes for my students for several years (ever since I had a student in AP Bio whose first language … Continue reading

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Need Inspiration for an Interdisciplinary PBL for High School Students? Check Out What Our Students Did!

Etowah students explore DNA, databases, and the Fourth Amendment By Caylie Moore / Special to The Times Posted Feb 9, 2019 at 9:58 PMUpdated Feb 9, 2019 at 9:58 PM    The teachers of Etowah High School have come together to give their senior class the learning experience of a … Continue reading

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Life-Sized Cardiovascular/Circulatory System Models!

The Struggle is REAL….. My students struggle because most anatomical diagrams are small and can be difficult for them to analyze. My class created big bodies with basic organs from an outline I drew for their Gallery Walk  at the … Continue reading

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Looking for a Cute Thanksgiving Activity for Anatomy? How about an “Anatomically Correct” Hand Turkey…

Every Kid Loves to Make a Hand Turkey at Thanksgiving Right?? My students are in the middle of the Skeletal System right now.  Since they are having a lot of trouble remembering the bones of the wrist, I tried to … Continue reading

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Intro to Anatomy & Physiology Review and Body Systems Gallery Walk

  Looking for a creative way to introduce the body systems in Anatomy?  Try a Gallery Walk! The first unit in Anatomy & Physiology is HUGE…. I mean really huge!! So, I decided to try something different to really get … Continue reading

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Autopsy of a Dill Pickle- A Great Introductory Lab for Anatomy or Forensics!

  A Pickle Autopsy? YES! If you teach Anatomy & Physiology, you know the struggle of the first unit…. it’s HUGE!! … and jam-packed with things that are absolutely essential for students to know in order to be successful in … Continue reading

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