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Assistant Medical Examiner Training Program- A Comprehensive PBL for High School Anatomy (or Forensics) Classes!

How Do I Keep My Students Engaged At The End of The Year?  How About Training To Be Assistant Medical Examiners? It seems like every school year…. I flip the calendar to May and my students start thinking school is … Continue reading

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Evaluation of Bloodstain Patterns Project Authentic Learning for Forensics!

Students Become Blood Spatter Experts My students love Forensics because they get to do activities that are authentic. Forget just reading about how Criminalists process crime scenes…. In Forensics, my students take it to another level and actually ARE Criminalists … Continue reading

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Autopsy of a Dill Pickle- A Great Introductory Lab for Anatomy or Forensics!

  A Pickle Autopsy? YES! If you teach Anatomy & Physiology, you know the struggle of the first unit…. it’s HUGE!! … and jam-packed with things that are absolutely essential for students to know in order to be successful in … Continue reading

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A Forensic Fairytale– Day 2 Crime Lab

Forensic Fairytale– Day 2– The Crime Lab On Day 2, my students had to analyze the evidence they collected when they excavated their “graves”.  Each person had a job or responsibility from Forensic Geologist to Forensic Anthropologist to Coroner. I … Continue reading

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A Forensic Fairytale- Day 1- Crime Scene

She really just wanted to share the little cottage in the forest with her special little guy, her woodland creatures, and live happily ever after there… NOT at the castle with a stuffy, vain Prince! It was after one heart-wrenching … Continue reading

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The Abandoned Manor- What Really Happened to the Family Who Lived Here?A Forensic Activity for Questioned Documents/Handwriting

Scenario: You and your team have been called to investigate what happened to the family who lived in this abandoned house.  After walking around, you can tell that it looks as if they left unexpectedly, leaving behind their possessions as … Continue reading

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Sketch Notes in Forensics- Blood and Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

I decided to branch out and see if my Forensics classes would enjoy using sketch notes as much as my Biology classes have. The verdict? A definite YES! At first, my juniors and seniors in Forensics really didn’t know what … Continue reading

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