Viola Hyatt- Alabama Torso Murderer (1929-2000)

Viola Hyatt was Alabama’s Most Notorious Torso Murderer

Virginia Viola Hyatt was born, Feb. 3, 1929. Her mother died soon after she was born leaving her and her father, Martin Hyatt, alone in the world. He remarried a lady named Jessie. They lived on a small farm in White Plains, AL in rural Calhoun County.

Two brothers named Lee and Emmett Harper were hired hands on the farm. They lived in a small trailer next to the house. One brother, Lee, dated Viola for a short time. Until something went terribly wrong…….

On a hot summer day in 1959, the torso of a man was found in Etowah County, AL about 40 miles from White Plains. The next day, another torso was found. Who were they? What happened? The summer of 1959 would definitely be one to remember in rural Alabama……

Check Out These Sources to Find Out More about the Case:

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Click HERE to check out my article on this case on TpT. It has questions for students to answer and is a great sub plan!


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