NSTA Day Three #NSTA23

Shelley with heart

Let’s Visit the Vendors

Wow, there were some cool vendors at the convention this year! I just love learning about all the new technologies and resources that have been developed to help make science come alive for my students. The folks who are working at the booths are so knowledgeable and make it so easy to get my questions answered quickly. I love their enthusiasm and helpful hints that always throw in about their products! Here are a few of my favorites:

We had our tardigrade shirts on so we couldn’t resist a picture with the giant tardigrade the Accu-Scope microscope company had in their booth!

See if you spot us in their video at https://www.facebook.com/AccuScope.Microscopes/videos/264861279199033

Virtual Reality Cells

virtual reality cell

This booth demo was awesome! This company was just starting out developing virtual reality for the classroom. The cell was AMAZING! It would be phenomenal to use in the classroom because students have such a hard time visualizing the organelles. He even showed us how it could show protein synthesis in action. It was really cool!

The Synthetic Cadaver (Oh My Gosh!!!)

synthetic cadaver

What I wouldn’t give to have one of these for my classroom!!! (A girl can dream right?). The products from SynDaver were amazing and so realistic. I absolutely loved the heart model. It was incredible! They also had synthetic frogs on display (by my FAV was the cadaver). Check out their products at https://syndaver.com/

Crash Science

crash test dummy

The science of crashes is something I use in my Forensics class when we study car crash investigation. This booth had all sorts of resources (& videos!) I can use to show the effects of crashes. They also have lessons already created! I’m thinking this would also be a useful resource in developing a PBL for my Anatomy classes next year. I’m definitely going to bookmark this site! https://classroom.iihs.org/

The Aftermath

I tried to restrain myself but…. everyone knows teachers like free stuff… and I am no exception LOL. So many awesome resources but also so many fun little things that make my teacher’s heart happy… Pens, highlighters, and STICKERS!!

I really enjoyed #NSTA23 this year and appreciate all the vendors that went above and beyond to educate all of us about new and cool things we can bring home to our students.

Don’t forget to check out my teacher BFF’s day visiting the vendors. I’ll post a link to her blog when she uploads it.

science with dr m

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