Need a Cute Activity for Valentine’s Day? Create an “Anatomically Correct” Valentine!! Now with UPDATED DIAGRAMS!


Need a Cute Valentine’s Day Activity?

How about Creating an Anatomically Correct Valentine Heart?

I developed this several years ago and always used it with my Anatomy and Physiology classes.  They loved it!  Some years, I had the students draw their hearts for the Valentine.  Often, many complained because they said they “couldn’t even draw a circle” (Sound familiar?) .  This year, I decided to put together a package to make it easier for them (and me).

How does this activity work?

I designed this activity to use 2 sheets of paper 1 sheet of paper copied front and back.  This is the interior:


This is the backside:


Copy the pages front & back then fold the sheet in half.  The anterior face of the heart should be on the front of the card and the posterior face of the heart should be on the back of the card. The inside of the card has the cross-section of the heart on the left hand side and a text box on the right side.  I always have my students create a rhyme, limerick, or haiku (related to the heart) for the inside of their card.  The outside can be trimmed closely to the heart shape, or left as a rectangle so a sentiment can be written on the outside as well.

I give points for creativity and following the prescribed instructions.  We usually do this activity a week or so before Valentine’s Day so we can decorate with them.  This year, we will probably just make them as an activity on Valentine’s Day.

Here are some examples of cute sayings I found online that could be used on the inside

This activity can also be used as a review for the parts of the heart if students are responsible for labeling the diagrams as well as creating the Valentines.

Here is the link to the Anatomically Correct Valentine Heart Activity in my TPT store:

Modifications to this Activity- 3Dimensional Heart

Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 4.33.34 PM


Modifications to this Activity- 3Dimensional Heart

I also created a separate activity bundle of Oversized Diagrams (that also includes the Valentine activity) that can serve as a review for the parts of the heart.  The keys are included for labeling the diagrams.

Use as a 3D study tool

  • Color and label the external anterior and posterior surfaces of the heart
  • Color and label the internal cross-section view of the heart
  • Use in creating a Stop-Motion video
  • Use to trace the flow of blood through the heart (use red/blue arrows or yarn)
  • Use to review basic heart anatomy (keys to diagrams are included)

Flexible activity makes it easy to differentiate assignments!

Here is a link to the Oversized Heart Diagrams which includes the Valentine’s Activity in my TPT

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