Need Help with Distance Learning? Check Out My Newest Anatomy and Physiology Slide Shows for Your Students (& Mine)!

How do I access the slide shows?

Visit my website at–p.html and click the “Slide Shows for A & P”. Choose your body system and the specific topic. It’s that simple!

Click Image to Visit My Website!

The best part??

The slide shows are published on my website so students (& YOU) can access them anywhere, on any device! Completely FREE! No more trying to juggle assigning a separate Powerpoint or Google Slides presentation on your LMS platform (and hoping students can get everything located and opened). You can even project it (or share your screen) to help you teach remotely.

I also used large colorful diagrams from my book to make it easy to locate and learn structures. No more struggling with tiny labels and a million leader lines on small Chrome books or phones.

One more thing….

These are the slide shows that I use to cover material with my A & P students in class so they might differ slightly from the material that you cover. I have included a list of things covered in each slide show. I generally teach 1 section of Honors A & P and several sections of General A & P. I have added in links to the videos I normally show in class, as well as links to my Quizlet decks my kids use for review.

I am adding the slide shows as I go through the A & P course this year. I am listing the companion fill-in-the-blank guided notes (in Google doc format) in my TpT store if that would be helpful to you (but the purchase is not required for the use of the slide shows).

I really hope that this small thing will be a blessing to you as we try to survive our new “normal” in schools. All the best to you this year!! 🙂 Dr.M

Visit my Website!

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Science Teacher (Biology, AP Biology, and Forensic Science), Anatomy Professor, and former Instructional coach.
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1 Response to Need Help with Distance Learning? Check Out My Newest Anatomy and Physiology Slide Shows for Your Students (& Mine)!

  1. Ayelet HaShachar Birulin says:

    Thank you so much. We are homeschooling and my daughter is interested in body systems, so all the hands-on projects will be great for her! She actually got excited about something for the first time in a while.

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