Medical Mystery PBL for Anatomy & Physiology- Integumentary System

Let’s Investigate Our Patient’s Diagnosis….

For our study of the Integumentary System in our Medical Mystery PBL, I told the students that their patient had visited his/her family doctor and had been tentatively diagnosed with an unusual skin disorder. I prepared a Dermatology Report for each of the patients (there are 7 patients in each class). See a sample below:

Sample Patient Report

Their job as a specialist medical team was to investigate the disorder and confirm (or not) the diagnosis of the family doctor. I provided them with 2 viable research links for their particular disorder. They also had to create a 1 page infographic about the disorder that they could use to educate the patient’s family about the condition. (We used – For more information or instructions on using, please visit this blog post They were also allowed to choose a job within the 4 person team.

They also had to construct both the anterior and posterior views of their patient, color the basic diagram of the skin, hair, and nail, as well as color their patient’s “symptoms” in that they were given in the Dermatology Report. Here are some samples:

At the conclusion of the PBL, the medical teams were expected to present their findings to a medical panel and confirm (or disagree with) the diagnosis of the family doctor.

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