Newsflash—Publication Date is Getting Closer!

In case you haven’t heard…

Our book has been submitted for publication and should be available within the next few weeks! My daughter (a trauma nurse) and I have collaborated to create a comprehensive, student-friendly (and teacher-friendly) 400 page review guide with TONS of easy-to-color illustrations and diagrams. I even include some of my students’ favorite Sketch Notes! More information (and more pictures of what is included) will be coming soon but for now, here is a little sneak peek of what you’ll see…..

Large, clear, easy to color diagrams and illustrations..Many are full page sized! For teachers, these copy beautifully for use with your class since the lines are bold. For students, the diagrams focus in on the most important structures that you need to learn.

Here’s an example after it has been colored…..

The guide is arranged by body system and includes several pages of text for each one (and for many of the important physiological processes). Perfect for review or, if you’re a teacher, awesome for concise notes to provide for your class that will make differentiation easy!

Includes Sketch Notes!

My students love Sketch Notes me always tell me how helpful they are in visualising difficult concepts so I included them for most every chapter (especially for the feedback mechanisms). Here are some examples..

My students always have trouble with this feedback mechanism (renin/ angiotensin) ..

Finally, the end of the book has a Bonus Section with student study aids including a large 2page Skeleton (anterior and posterior) that is perfect for practice.

The whole review is guided by Dr. L. Rat who provides study tips and easy to remember mnemonics and concise pathways for processes.

I’ll keep you posted!


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