Anatomy Practicals Sneak Peek!

Here’s a sneak peek of what all 11 body systems combined look like as a finished project! Students will be able to work with organs and structures in both the anterior and posterior body cavities.  I have included all of the organs and structures that I cover with my high school Anatomy & Physiology students.  I cannot wait for the upcoming school year so we can build our “bodies” (and probably dissect them as an “autopsy” at the end).

(Ps- There actually is a brain inside the skull at the very end. I just couldn’t juggle my phone and opening the lift-the-flap skull 🤓 The brain inside is also lift-the-flap)

To see ALL of the 11 body systems this includes, please visit for links to all!

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Science Teacher (Biology, AP Biology, and Forensic Science), Anatomy Professor, and former Instructional coach.
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