That Awesome Moment When You See Your Name in Print!


A Published Author? Me?

I was so excited today to check out the latest Spring edition of The Forensic Teacher magazine and see something from my own classroom! (Check out the latest issue here )img_3464

I began this blog when I was an Instructional Partner (Coach) several years ago.  When I asked to go back into the classroom (because I missed that relationship with students you can only have if you’re their teacher), I continued using this space to document my own classroom and share examples of what’s happening with my students for my teacher friends that are scattered around the globe. It’s been a way for me to reflect on my own teaching practices and examine what worked for my kids…. and what did not.  I am so humbled (and grateful) that something I wrote was included in a publication that I use so often for ideas to include in my own classroom!img_3467 img_3465


About Edgy Instruction

Science Teacher (Biology, AP Biology, and Forensic Science), Anatomy Professor, and former Instructional coach.
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