Anatomy Practicals- Stackables that Teach: A Life-Sized Human Body Project- The Nervous System!

The Struggle Continues…..

My students struggle because most anatomical diagrams are small and can be difficult for them to analyze. My class created big bodies with basic organs from an outline I drew for their Gallery Walk  at the conclusion of our first unit on the body systems. It was SO beneficial for them!  Check out my previous blog post on this here loved having such large-sized structures to work with and told me that it really helped them remember the organs. I looked for pre-made life-sized bodies with organs, but sadly only found things appropriate for elementary students.  Definitely not detailed enough for Juniors and Seniors in high school, many of whom plan to pursue a career in the medical field!  So, I decided that I should create LIFE-SIZED diagrams which I knew would focus on the important structures of the system but, at the same time, be RIGOROUS enough for my high school Anatomy students…

So here is a little peek at what my classes are doing for the Nervous System this week…

These easy to interpret diagrams are drawn over 8 pages and are easily trimmed and taped together to create a large human body. This particular project utilized the posterior view of the cavities (so it shows the cranial and spinal cavities).

I drew this project with a lift-the-flap labeled brain, as well as the basic spinal cord provided.  IMG_0349The example I colored (above) will be used in conjunction with my Oversized Brain Diagrams and the Brain Facts Sketch Notes (Check out the bundle here at ).

I will also have my students color and label the cranial nerves. Here’s a picture using yarn instead of coloring. IMG_0343

As an enrichment option, I will have my students create the spinal nerves with a different color yarn. Brain

This is new in my TpT store!  You can check it out here –>

It is the third installment in my newest project called Anatomy Practicals! These will cover each body system and provide your students with life-sized diagrams as well as the important organs included… all rigorous enough for high school Anatomy students! I have also bundled these with instructions for the project that my students did for each system.  Stay tuned for all systems to be posted!Slide1

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  1. Christine A Pelton says:

    On your respiratory project, what structures are included?

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