Looking for a Cute Thanksgiving Activity for Anatomy? How about an “Anatomically Correct” Hand Turkey…


Every Kid Loves to Make a Hand Turkey at Thanksgiving Right??

My students are in the middle of the Skeletal System right now.  Since they are having a lot of trouble remembering the bones of the wrist, I tried to think of a creative way for them to practice, yet still have fun (especially since Anatomy & Physiology can be so heavy on the memorization at times).  I always like to have a little fun around the holidays (and give students a reason NOT to check out of school right before a break lol) so what better way to practice than to go old school elementary school and make hand turkeys!! 🙂


I think students do much better in Anatomy if their diagrams are larger and easier to label (totally not a proven scientific fact lol! However, it is my own personal opinion but it really does help).  So, in addition to drawing Sketch Notes, I’ve also been drawing their diagrams in a manner that cuts through all the “extra” stuff and narrows it down to the important structures.  (another blog post on this later so stay tuned).

renderedimageAnyway, I drew the hand diagrams really large for my students and used the Ventral View of the Left Hand for this one (… before you ask, YES I did draw it from tracing my own hand lol and that’s how I got the idea for them to do a hand turkey from the diagram).  I made a chart of all the bones and the corresponding colors for each one.  To differentiate for my students, I will probably number the bones and put the corresponding number next to the correct bone in their chart.  That way, they can check themselves with the numbers and not have to just remember the name of the bone.  The picture above is how the turkey should look colored correctly. Students will add eyes, feet, feathers, etc and turn it into their own Thanksgiving turkey.  Hopefully, this will help them practice learning the bones of the wrist and hand.

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