A Forensic Fairytale– Day 2 Crime Lab

img_8948Forensic Fairytale– Day 2– The Crime Lab

On Day 2, my students had to analyze the evidence they collected when they excavated their “graves”.  Each person had a job or responsibility from Forensic Geologist to Forensic Anthropologist to Coroner.

I set my lab up by designating different lab tables for each “grave”.

img_8934 I also fixed 2 lab benches for “Evidence Sign Out” so that the students who were the Evidence Technicians could come to the tables and sign out their evidence maintaining the chain of custody. They also picked up the supplies their team would need for examination of their skeletal remains.


Microscopes were set up around the perimeter of the lab as well as on the front lab table for Forensic Geologists to perform their soil analysis from their grave.  img_8945They had to examine the soil microscopically as well as measure the pH of their sample.  Their sample was also compared to an examplar from the crime scene I set up on the front lab table.


Forensic Anthropologists worked alongside the Coroner to reconstruct their skeleton, note any defects or wounds, and try to determine what caused the death of their victim.

I also put my half-sized laminated skeletons I use teaching my college students on the tables for reference.  Several years ago, I drew this skeleton and used it life-sized for my classes.  For these little guys, I shrank it 50%, cut out the bones and laminated them, then put them back together with little brass brads so that they joints are movable.  Since they are laminated, students can write on them with dry erase markers.  It’s really been an awesome addition to my Bio201 class.  img_8937


Overall, my students have really enjoyed this “Forensic Fairytale”.  In the next step, they will prepare a 5 slide CER (Claim, Evidence, Reasoning + summary) presentation in Google slides.  Each group member will be responsible for a single slide as well as an Infographic of the entire case linked to their slide.  They will be using easel.ly to create their infographics.  For more information on this, please click here–>  https://ateacherontheedge.wordpress.com/2018/03/06/making-infographics-easy-with-easel-ly/

Stay tuned for the final step in the Forensic Fairytale!

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