Making Infographics Easy With!

Ever wondered if it is difficult to make an infographic? Well….. it isn’t!

My students made the infographics above as part of their CER (Claim, Evidence, Reasoning) presentation during our Blue People of KY PBL for genetics.  I added this component as they were finishing their Google slides. Within 15 minutes, they had made an account and basically figured out how to use a pre-made template as well as edit, add pictures and text to a blank template.

What are the steps?

  1. Visit the website at  .
  2. Create a free account using the red “Sign up with GOOGLE” button (Our students are only allowed to access our Chromebooks via their school Google account so this was easy.  They didn’t even have to choose or enter a password!)
  3. Once they are signed in, the main page will appear where they will have the option of choosing from many awesome templates or choosing a blank template.

The graphic below was created using a pre-made template.  The student edited the text by double clicking on the text box to highlight it and entering their text.

Baby Ellas case

This graphic was created using a blank template.  The student added his own background picture, text box, and graphics.

papa smurg

4.  Some helpful editing tips (from my students):

  • To change the text in a pre-made template or in the blank template- Double click the text to highlight the text box.  When it is highlighted, you can type in it.
  • To add photos- Choose the big Media button from the bar at the top.  You can either use “Stock Photos” and search for an image or use “Upload File” and choose an image you have download from the web and saved on your computer.
  • To change the background- Click the “Background” button at the top.  A row of background images will appear under the button.  You can either double click image to apply it to your infographic or click and drag the image into your infographic.  It will change automatically.
  • To add text- Click the “Text” button at the top.  A row of text styles (bulleted list, title, etc) will appear under the button.  Click and drag your choice into your infographic.  Double click and you can type in your text.
  • To change font, size, or color of text- Double click the text you want to change.  When the area is highlighted, an editing row will appear so you can select a different font or change the size or color.

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