Will You Be Mine Foxy Valentine? Fun with Fox Genetics! Adorable Activity for Valentine’s Day!

Will You Be Mine Foxy Valentine?  Fun with Fox Genetics!

Looking for a cute activity for your Science classes for Valentine’s Day?  THIS is what I’m doing with my 9th grade Biology classes!

Several years ago, I adapted a genetics activity to several holiday themes… Turkey Genetics, Pumpkin Genetics, and Snowman Genetics https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Drm . This year, I’m going to be in the middle of my genetics unit during February so I thought I might need something different. One year, I had my Anatomy & Physiology classes make “anatomically correct” heart valentines that had to be labeled (all the chambers, valves, etc).  They also had to write a verse that rhymed for the inside (bonus points if they used anatomy vocabulary terms lol).

So this year I thought, “What can I make with a heart?”  Hmmmm….

After playing with it a  few minutes it was pretty easy to make a fox face with a couple of sizes of hearts.  Voila!  I had my Valentine-themed genetics activity for this year 🙂

How Does This Activity Work?

  1.  First,  a little Pre-Lab Quiz.


2. Students can look up anything they missed in the “Genetics Vocabulary” sheet they receive with their lab instructions.

3.  Second, the activity procedures are easy to follow for students.  I prepare the parent chromosomes by copying them onto blue and pink paper before cutting them apart.  If I can find plastic Easter eggs, I’ll use those, but I usually just place the chromosomes from each parent into plastic petri dishes or even sandwich bags.  Students will receive 4 “chromosomes” from each of the fox’s parents representing the alleles contributed from mama fox and papa fox.  Then, they will pair up their fox’s chromosomes to determine the genotype and phenotype of each trait and whether their fox is a male or female.

4.  Genotypes and phenotypes for each trait will be recorded so the fox can be assembled according to the results. One trait (face color) demonstrates incomplete dominance and another trait (the bow/ bowtie) demonstrates codominance.  Great opportunity to talk about these to reinforce what we’ve done in class.

5. If I need to differentiate the lesson, I can have some groups determine traits by rolling dice and others by flipping a coin.  Great opportunity to tailor the lesson to the needs of all the learners in my classes!

6.  Students will color their fox’s face and facial features according to the phenotypes they identified from the alleles.  Cutting out and assembly is easily done.

7.  Cute foxy Valentines for the win!  I plan to put students’ foxes on the wall outside my classroom in the shape of a big heart.  We are doing this activity a week or so before Valentine’s day so I will let them take their fox home on that day.


This activity can be purchased in my TPT store through the following link https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Will-You-Be-Mine-Foxy-Valentine-Fun-wFox-Genetics-WTeachers-Guide-3586030

Don’t forget to follow me on TPT for other activities and Sketch Notes!https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Drm

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