Sketch Notes in Forensics- Blood and Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

I decided to branch out and see if my Forensics classes would enjoy using sketch notes as much as my Biology classes have. The verdict? A definite YES!

At first, my juniors and seniors in Forensics really didn’t know what to think when I told them we were taking notes in a whole different way for this unit (Blood & Bloodstain Pattern Analysis). They were so excited because they have literally begged for sketch notes after seeing them in my Biology classes. I have to admit, they were a huge hit!

I structured the class periods the same way as I do my Biology classes…. We did sketch notes first (that we color coded together under my document camera), then we looked over the pre-printed notes just as a review. I didn’t go back and specifically show them where every part of their printed notes correlated to the sketch notes like I do with my 9th graders, there wasn’t a need to do this.

The first day of the unit, we did the “Blood and Blood Typing” sketch notes. Afterwards, we “solved a case” using blood typing with synthetic blood in the lab. I saw more students referring to their sketch notes than I have ever seen refer to printed notes all year. This makes me happy 🙂

Today, the second day of the unit, we used our Bloodstain Pattern Analysis sketch notes in the lab.

I drew the angles at the top of our notes so they could use them easily to determine the correct angle their blood drops should fall. Today, they worked on their control drops from set heights and angles. They will use their cards in the Bloodstain Pattern Project next week when they create a scenario and bloodstain patterns to go with it. Then, they will be given an “unknown” to investigate (which will be another group’s scenario). They will have to determine if the scenario matches the bloodstain patterns and by determining the angles of impact and stringing the area of convergence. It’s always lots of fun!

Sketch notes have definitely been a hit with this unit so far. Many of the students said the graphics made it easy to see which things we were studying were most important. Many said they wished we had used them for every unit (no pressure right? Lol).

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