Thanksgiving Turkey Genetics Activity!

Quick share since many folks are looking for a fun activity for this short week.  This is a Thanksgiving-themed genetics activity where students create a turkey based on the “traits” their turkey receives.  My biology teacher friend usually does “Pumpkin Genetics” when she finishes the genetics chapter, but she was running a little behind this semester and Halloween pumpkins are just a little out of season right now. 🙂 lol I adapted her activity for turkeys for her instead.  This was originally intended for a high school Biology class, but would also be appropriate for middle school as well.  It could be modified for upper elementary grades by having students roll dice to determine the dominant or recessive gene received instead of matching up chromosomes.  Scroll down for pictures of the finished product.

You can find this activity in my Teachers Pay Teachers store:

collage Turkey Genetics 2 Turkey Genetics 3 Turkey Genetics PicFrame-2 PicFrame Slide2

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