Quick Share~ Creative Exit Slip Idea Based on Twitter

twitter bird logo Classroom teachers are constantly on the lookout for creative ways to quickly check for student understanding without having to administer a pencil / paper activity.  Many teachers rely on “bell-ringers” at the beginning of class or exit slips at the end to pinpoint exactly which students are (or are not) meeting the lesson outcomes. From spending time in classrooms during the past week, I have come across some very creative ideas for formative assessment techniques that put an updated spin on these traditional methods. I love the fact that students can easily identify with them! twitter bubbleOne of my favorite new formative assessment methods has to be the use of a “tweet” in which the student must provide an explanation in 140 characters or less (including any spaces and punctuation).  Talk about a challenge to be concise!! 🙂  I think it’s a wonderful way for the teacher to see immediately whether a student understands a concept, can summarize effectively, or can identify with a character.  It’s also a challenge to the student to choose precise language in order to put their thoughts into limited words.  I think it’s an innovative way to formatively assess student understanding.

To help you get your mind in gear, I have created some forms for you to download to get started. They are 1/2 page in size with 2 of the same kind on each page.  Each one correlates to the CCSS English Language Arts/ Literacy Reading Anchor Std 2.

twitter birdThere are 4 files total.

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